Bespoke Jewellery

Our Design Concept

Want something original, but not sure where to start? Leave the design work to us. We will help you to discover the styles that appeals to you.  Once you to discover the possibilities, we will design an original piece of Jewellery that matches your lifestyle and budget.

What People Say


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Bespoke FAQ's

Q: How expensive is it to have a ring made?
A: You’ll be presently surprised by how affordable it can be. Often you’ll find its actually cheaper than buying a ready-made ring

Q: How long does it take to make a Ring?
A: From the point of design approval 4 to 6 six weeks.

Q: What if I don’t like the ring once made.
A: We will be in creating your ring virtually using 3D Cad software. You will be able to see the ring in realistic detail. In an unlikely event, you are not happy with the design you are not committed to paying for the item. 

Unique and Special

We pick up Gemstones direct from the source and have access to any rare and unusual gemstone to create a one of kind piece. 

This Sri Lankan Aquamarine was picked up from the mine and cut to our specifications

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Our Portfolio

Here we have a small but unique collection of jewllery we’ve made for many happy customers.

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