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Servicing Mechanical Watches

Mechanical watches are made up of hundreds of tiny parts, in constant motion. Wear and tear is normal due to this reason. But with regular care, we can keep your watch ticking for years.

It’s advisable that a new watch to be serviced every three to five years, even if its in perfect working order. This is because lubricants that prevent friction and possible damage to fragile inner components break down over time and need replacing.

Here’s what we do when your watch comes in for service.
  • Check the stem, crown, seals, and movement.
  • Reset the stem and crown, and check the winding mechanism.
  • Examine the working of the hands, calendar functions, and rotor (if fitted).
  • Inspect and adjust the escapement.
  • Fully disassemble the watch case and inspect the movement and component parts.
  • If it needs to be replaced any worn or damaged parts.
  • Clean all parts in specialist chemical baths using automated cleaning machines.
  • Lubricate the movement if using 4/5 fine oils and greases, and double-check the escapement.
  • De-magnetise, regulate, and check the timing of the movement to brand standards using specialist Swiss timing equipment.
  • Replace case seals if necessary, and restore the movement to the case.
  • Test timekeeping, and adjust if necessary using timing equipment.

Accidents do happen, whether its water damage, glass breaks, or being run over by a car our specialist watchmakers are at hand. We are able to sauce even the most rarest part to bring your watch back to life.

Some repairs are time-consuming, so we will always prepare a full estimate for you before going ahead.

Servicing Quartz Watches

Quartz watches don’t have as many moving parts as mechanical, but they still require routine maintenance. Our expert watchmakers perform the following checks:

  • Stem and crown, and setting mechanism
  • Workings of the hands and calendar functions.
  • Check the mechanical components and electronic modules.
  • Replace any worn or malfunctioning mechanical or electronic parts.
  • All the mechanical parts will be cleaned in special chemical baths.
  • Making fine adjustments in line with brand specifications.
  • Lubricate the setting and calendar mechanisms, using fine oils and greases.
  • Using specialist Swiss electronic testing equipment we will restore the timing of the movement.
  • Renew the case seals where necessary, and restore the movement to the case.
  • Check the watch’s water-resistance according to brand specifications.
  • Check the correct functioning of the hands and calendar mechanism if fitted. To ensure the watch is functioning accurately, we then test it statically for two day

Watch Repairs & Restoration

We’ve been watchmakers since 1952 , Our skilled watchmakers are trained to look at watches of any age, regardless of brand or type and will do everything they can to help restore it.

We have brought so many watches back to life when other watchmakers have simply given up. 


whether if it’s a significant anniversary, birthday or occasion – for yourself or a loved one – we can engrave the case or case back . Our expert engravers can tackle all manner of briefs, from initials to family crests. We can either hand engrave or laser engrave with endless possibilities.

Battery Replacement

Our watchmakers will replace your battery and reseal your watch.

we offer two types of batter replacement.

  • 1. Simply take the old batter out and replace it with a new one, which we can do while you wait.
  • 2. For more prestige watch brand we recommend that our workshop take a bit more time with.

here’s what we do,

  • Replace the old battery, making sure it hasn’t leaked and damaged the movement.
  • Examine the general condition of the movement, and check the consumption rate of the new battery.
  • Renew all the sealing gaskets on the glass, crown and watch back, as well as pusher seals for chronographs where required.
  • Test the watch’s water-resistance to brand specification, using specialist equipment.


You may not know  that, over time, a water-resistant watch will lose its resistance – especially if it’s used regularly for diving – so don’t forget to have your watch tested and re-waterproofed in line with the manufacture’s recommendations.

Valuation For Insurance

Owning  luxury watch is an investment, so it’s important you insure it against damage, loss and theft.

To do this, you’ll need to know how much the watch is worth. That’s where our experts come in.

Valuation certificate issued by our valuers are respected by all the insurance companies and are registered with the National association of Goldsmiths.

Strap Replacement

Give your watch a facelift by updating the strap, whether as a replacement for an old model, or as an alternative to match an outfit or occasion. At McCulloch the Jewellers, we stock a wide range of styles and colours in different qualities in price ranges.

Trade & Exchange

Give your watch a facelift by updating the strap, whether as a replacement for an old model, or as an alternative to match an outfit or occasion. At McCulloch the Jewellers, we stock a wide range of styles and colours in different qualities in price ranges.

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